Phuket Travel Tips

‘Thai style’ and some ‘Do-s and don’t-s’
Thais working in the tourism business are used to dealing with foreigners – usually referred to as ‘farang’. This doesn’t mean that they like everything…


(Visa requirements are subject to change at any time. Tourists should call the consulate for up to date information.)

Customs are usually no trouble, unless you’re bringing in or taking out pornography, political propaganda, firearms, large amounts of cash (over $10,000), or illegal drugs.

Is Phuket safe?
The best overall safety advice is: if you wouldn’t do it at home, it’s probably best not to do it here.

Swimming in the sea around Phuket
Every year, particularly in the rainy season, people drown in the sea off Phuket’s west coast. Why? Because they ignore the red flags. A red flag means big surf, strong currents and rip tides. It really is quite simple: RED FLAG, DON’T SWIM!

Money in Thailand
The unit of currency is the Thai Baht. All major credit cards are widely accepted although you’ll often be told there’s a surcharge for use of your credit card.

Things to avoid in Phuket
As with any tourist destination, Phuket has its share dubious operators. Top of that particular league currently are the jet-ski operators. Most embassies strongly advise against hiring jet-skis as the reports of tourists being ripped off are numerous. We’re unable to offer advice on how to deal with any incident arising out of jet-ski hire.

Phuket time
Phuket is GMT +7. Thailand does not observe daylight savings time.
Tourists may notice 'Thai Time' when staying here: the locals may move at a slower pace on the island.

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