Taxis and Public Transport Information

This is an open-sided small minivan with front-to-back bench seating available for hire like a taxi. You’ll find the main streets in any of Phuket’s resorts lined with them waiting for a fare. They’re not metered and you need to check the fare before you get in.

Meter taxis
Recently introduced to Phuket, meter taxis have been unable to break the tuk-tuk monopoly on pick-ups in major tourist spots.

Public bus
The majority of public buses, plying only a few popular routes, are open-air vehicles of a style that has not changed for 50 years.

Private taxi
There are many private, unlicensed ‘taxis’ operating in Phuket. These will almost certainly be uninsured for carrying paying passengers.

Motorcycle taxi
Just as it sounds, this is a motorcycle with driver available for hire. Prices are fixed, but a little negotiation never hurts. You’ll find motorcycle taxis at most busy street corners in busy areas (the drivers will be wearing a uniform vest) and they can be convenient for short trips.

Phuket Airport Bus
The newly commenced Airport Bus travels from Phuket International Airport to Patong making stops along the way. Ask at information counter at airport or look for signs.

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