Best Books in Phuket

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Phuket team

Books on Phuket - be they on travel, maps, sailing, lifestyle, restaurants, property and what not - are available in various shops, malls and outlets on Phuket. There is a good supply of publications in English and of course Thai, and you can find some in other languages that will appeal to visitors from various countries. There are also second hand bookstores that carry novels and travel guides around the island.

Read up on Phuket's interesting and very rich culture and history in 'A History of Phuket'. Travelling by yacht around Thailand? Pick up 'Southeast Asia Pilot' for detailed information on islands, coasts, anchorages and other items. 'Streets of Phuket', the Island's A-Z is an indispensible guide to getting around Phuket and comes in very handy in try to reach those hard-to-find destinations.