General Information

The Kingdom of Thailand
Thailand, an independent country in the middle of Southeast Asia, is an eclectic mix of 21st century development with deep roots in a 700-year-old culture – all combined with a happy-go-lucky way of looking at life.

Tourism in Thailand
One of the most popular tourism destinations in Asia, Thailand welcomes more than 5,000,000 visitors each year who come to enjoy a huge range of attractions, including ancient temples, beautiful white sandy beaches, idyllic deserted islands, raucous nightlife, rainforests, elephant trekking, white water rafting, yachting, golfing, scuba diving and more. Such is Thailand’s appeal that regular return tourists and part-time residents make up a large part of the tourist numbers.


Phuket and the Andaman Sea
Stretching from Indian waters in the west to the southern tip of Malaysia in the east, the Andaman Sea is one of the world’s most beautiful oceans – a delight of white sand beaches, swaying palms and crystal clear waters. While the whole western coast of Thailand faces the Andaman Sea, it’s Phuket that is rightly called ‘The Pearl of the Andaman’ – and it’s Phuket that has become Thailand’s most popular beach tourism destination by far.

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