Phuket's Street Food Scene

Food & Drink

There's an endless choices of fresh 'n' cheap eats on sale around the island for the adventurous

Tropical Phuket is most famous for its beaches, but to experience the real heart and soul of the island it’s essential to delve into its local food culture. Throughout Thailand, eating is a joy and an all-day topic of conversation − and Phuket is no exception. When Thais are not busy eating they’re often talking about their last meal . . . or their next one. This is just a theory, but we believe that if people were to learn the vocabulary for Thai food only, they’d be able to follow 80 percent of the chatter here.

From the lively markets to street stalls, to tiny family-run eateries with three or four tables, fresh fare is inexpensive and easy to find in every town on Phuket. And with so many roving motorbike food carts, lazy gourmets could just stay home or find a shady spot along the road and wait for the food to come to them!

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