Best Sunday brunch Restaurants in Phuket

Local Recommendations from our My Guide Phuket team

A day of rest and relaxation that we often wish was endless. Yes, bring on Sundays, the start of the week, the day that for many people is the most enjoyable one. In terms of good food, company and ambience, we couldn't agree on a more congenial way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Sunday Brunch on Phuket is often a lavish affair of fine food and drink. It is often held at seaside resorts with nature providing helping to set the stage and the ambience.

Many Sunday Brunches on the island can be quite elaborate with an eye and tastebud tantalising array of food and drink to be had. Self-serve buffets hold a smorgasbord of delicacies ranging from grilled seafood and meats, foie gras to salads, pasta and desserts and cheeses often which are to be found at 'live stations' and are cooked as you watch. Sometimes a music band will serenade the festivity of fun and food. Let's have just one more Bloody Mary, please?